Monday, 23 August 2010

*loks at rain*

*cops out*

Sometimes I get into these funks where I really can't be bothered to do anything. And I mean anything. I'm in one of these funks at the moment and have been for the last week or so. I'll come out of it eventually, I know.

Today one of the things I really couldn't be bothered to do was take the dogs out for a walk. Bad, I know. I did my usual trick of "I'll just do tis first and then I'll take them out" and the next thing I know is I need to be in the pub in an hour...

Mental exercise is greater than or equal to physical exercise, right?

And so I decided to teach Puppy how to put his toys in a box.

I then ran into a problem though. The chicken in the fridge that I was planning on using as treats was icky, I'd used all the cheese a few days ag and there was nothing else suitable around. The only thing I could find was peanut butter.

Training was slow going. Not because Kota wasn't getting the hang of it (he was) but because everytime I rewarded him I got this face for the next minute.

Things sped up quite a lot when I remembered that I actually had a box of kibble on top of the shelf and my dogs are stupid enough to work for the stuff.

I'll have him tidying up after himself before you know it!


  1. LOL. i wish dash were that easy! he definitely knows the difference between kibble and anything else...