Saturday, 25 September 2010

I *heart* my "try anything" little dog

We went down to the beach yesterday, only I'd timed it completely wrong and there wasn't very much beach left.

I really ought to spend a pound and buy one of those tide timetables so this doesn't happen quite so often.


Not to be disheartened I sent Sparky off to look for a stick.

Hmm, I wonder what she wants a stick for..? I'm sure it's something fun. Stick, stick, stick...

Aha! Stick! And now the fun begins, right Mum?!

WTF?! This isn't fun!

Haha! Yep, I tried to drown my doggy in waves roughly 3 times his size.

Must get the stick. Must get the stick...

Oh shit!

Don't worry, he had a lot of fun really.

Again! Throw it again!

Some local kids (and their Dad) thought the "try to drown Sparky" game was brilliant fun and needed no encouragement to join in.

I think Sparky made quite a splash with them.

Yes, I know. Stupid, bad pun.

For all Kota's bravado and intensity before the throw...

This one's mine Sparky! All mine! You can eat my dust. My stick! I'm gonna kick your ass!

He turned into a wuss after it.

Oh. You threw it in the water...

I'll let Sparky get that one... Just this one time...

HA! To the victor go the spoils!

Monday, 13 September 2010


I have a new found respect for The Food Lady of TWAAW fame. Walking 5 dogs is hard work! Keeping an eye on 5 dogs is hard work. Keeping the peace between 5 dogs is hard work.

I can see why she does it though, the rewards more than outweigh the hardships.

Fetch with 5 dogs is 5 times the fun.

And you get 5 times the lovings.

Did someone say lovings? I'm coming!

Insert lovings here plz.

And with 5 dogs there's 5 times the cuteness.

Hey, look! A lab with a waist! Sort of.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't critique my physique on the internet, thanks.

Fetch with 5 dogs is also, apparently, 5 times more tiring. I may have killed Razor.

*Iz Ded*

And Sparky decided that the only way to cool down was to do this.

Which resulted in him looking like this.

Which meant I had to...

OMG! She's going to *wash* you! RUN Sparky! RUN!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

There were five in the bed!

And the little one said...

What the hell are all these dogs doing in my house?

Haha! Poor Sparky has had his nose put slightly out of joint. Last week one of my customers asked me whether I could look after his dogs for a few days as he had to go away for work and his normal dog sitter was unavailable and he was really in a bind...

And so I, of course, said yes. I mean, the guy lives 2 minutes down the road from me, it wouldn't be hard to pop down and feed and walk his dogs, would it?

Only it seems he intended that he was going to bring his dogs to my house for me to look after. And there was no way I could convince him to give me the key to his flat.

And so this morning he dropped off two male labs (one un-neutered) and a male boxer.


One long walk on the beach later and this is what I've got.




Although Buster's actually curled up on the couch with Kota at this precise moment in time. Kota has a snuggle buddy! Razor hasn't moved from under my TV table since we got back in from the beach.

Sparky's accepted them and has settled down too.

And so they all rolled over and... Zzzz...