Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bunnies don't like baths

I'm seriously going to kill you.

We had a bit of a mites scare here yesterday and so the rats and rabbits all got baths with insecticidal shampoo. I didn't get pictures of the rats but the rabbits were subjected to all the humiliation I could offer them.

Oh God, I didn't mean it! Let me out! I won't hurt you!

OK, I lied. You better sleep with one eye open tonight.

I tried to convince Bruiser that the dreadlocks added to his rockstar looks but he wasn't having any of it.

Get that camera out of my face!

He was eventually persuaded to pose though.

Turns out that (for the rabbits at least) it wasn't needed. The rats have lice not mites and what I thought was ear-mites in Smirnoff turned out to be a bacterial infection. So that's all good. Lice are a lot easier to treat than mites as they can't live in bedding so I only have to treat the rats,rather than de-bug my whole house.

I got some anti-flea/tick/lice drops from the vets and treated all four small fuzzies, just to be safe.

Better safe than sorry, after all. Not to mention that drops are easier than baths!

What do you mean there was an *easier* way to do this?!

Ah crap, better run... Bunny on my ass!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Kota photobomb!

He did WHUT?!

Oh crap, better run!

I'm aware that I'm still being lax with the whole posting thing but I'm trying my best, promise! I've just been working my ass off recently and haven't really had the time. But I'm trying!

We've been working hard in our spare time though. After seeing this video by Kikopup I've decided that I want to use it for Fife's Got Talent this year so we've been working hard learning tricks. Kota now runs around my legs in circles. Backwards. The hardest trick he's learnt to date! I'm so proud of my little boy.

Sparky is as much of an overachiever as always and has learnt three things in the time it took Kota to learn one.

And don't worry about Kota. Him and Sparky are best friends really.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

We interrupt this unscheduled break

to bring you sandy dogs on sandy beaches!

Insert 1 black dog, jealous of all the attention.

Poor Monty didn't even see him coming.

I left my camera in Edinburgh (at a friend's house) and I only got the chance to go and get it back last week. I'm sorry for the unscheduled break in photos! But we're back and (hopefully) back on track.

Have a 2-dogs-shaking picture as an apology.