Sunday, 9 May 2010


Muddy footprints on your sofa? Nope, wasn't me! A big dog did it and ran away!

Monday, 3 May 2010

The definition of "puppy dog eyes".

Kota was a bit unsure of this whole birthday thing.

So you're saying I get cake and presents and cuddles and there's *no catch*? No catch at all?

Nope. No catch at all.

Well, maybe one catch. You have to wear a hat.

Oh, I forgot. Then you have to sit nicely whilst I tease you with a cake.

Oi! No cheating!

And then you have to share your cake with Sparky. Whilst I take pictures of it.

Here's what I think of your "no catches" lie!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jmping for Joy!

Or for sticks, whatever.

The dogs and I have been enjoying the summer-ish sun lately. One really nice day I cut the long grass at the back of the garden and then lounged around in the grass throwing sticks over the garden wall for the dogs.

As soon as I went to get the camera they started acting up.

They'd jump over the wall away from me.

But run back through the gate on the way back.

I'm in ur garden, ruining ur shot!

No prettydogs--jumping-over-walls pictures for you then! And so, instead of jumping over things for sticks, we jumped straight up in the air for sticks! Stupid dogs don't evade my camera that easily.

Kota's not so good at the catching part.

In fact, most of the time

he FAILS miserably.

But occasionally he WINS.

Sparky doen't FAIL quite so often but when he does he does it spectacularly.

Oi, what are you doing over there?

It's not my fault I FAIL. My tongue gets in the way.

Puppy's 1 year old tomorrow? Can you believe it? A whole year old! There was supposed to be a BBQ for all the pups today but unfortunately the weather showed up and it got cancelled. BBQ has been rearranged for next weekend. But I shall be away for a wedding next weekend. Sparky and Kota will be at the party, as they're staying with the breeder whilst I'm away, but I won't be so you won't have any pictures. Sorry!

Blame the weather.