Friday, 29 January 2010

The importance of rewards.

Sparky and I had our first Obedience class last night (first step on the ladder to Agility classes). General gist of it: I should have more faith in my dog. I was nervous, he was awe inspiring. After a mad first 5 minutes he settled right in and was one of the best behaved dogs there.

But one of the things I really noticed about the other owners was how little they rewarded their dogs.

Take, for example, just one of the exercises we did. We had all the dogs (14 I think) in a circle in sit-stays and we took turns to walk our dogs around, weaving in and out of the other dogs. Sparky got a treat everytime another dog passed him and he didn't break his sit-stay. When it was our turn to walk he got a treat everytime we passed one of the more excitable dogs and randomly for passing the other dogs.

The other owners rarely rewarded during the sit-stay and generally only gave one reward at the end of the walking. Which meant that if their dog did a perfect heel all the way around but broke it to sniff the last dog then their pooch had just been rewarded for sniffing, all memory of the perfect heel gone.

Another example was the recall exercise. For me it went a little like this:

"Sit. Wait." Walk away
"Here!" Treat
Lure Sparky from front position to heel position.
"Sit." Treat.
Walk away, repeat.

For the other owners it seemed to go a little like this:

"Sit. Wait." Walk away.
Lure dog from front to heel position.
"Sit." Treat.
Walk away, repeat.

In case you can't count, that's Sparky getting two treats for every one that the other dogs were getting. That's also Sparky getting rewarded for his recall, rather than his final sit. And you could tell the difference! The other owners were having real trouble getting their dogs to sit in front of them, the dogs kept running around them in circles, clearly unsure of what they were supposed to be doing!

I must have used several large handfuls of treats in the hour I was there. The guy sitting next to me used a small bag of cubes of cheese. Maybe 20 in the entire hour, if that.

Rewards are important! Rewards tell your dog what he is doing right but, more importantly, they only do that if they're delivered when your dog is doing something right! Giving one reward after your dog has finished walking to heel is never going to get the point across. Giving several rewards whilst your dog is heeling will. If you're training something that can't be treated at that exact moment then use a clicker or a marker word, something to bridge the gap from behaviour to reward. Something to tell your dog that that, right there, is exactly what I want you to do.

Brainy Sparky approves.

More rewards, less confusion. Kthxbai!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Family Portrait

Sparky: "I'll get you back for this!"
Kota: "Ooh, shiny!"

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Small Successes

Kota's terrified of the bath. He always has been. With the help of lots of treats and praise I got him happily coming up to the bath and happily standing in the bath to be washed but he couldn't/wouldn't jump into the bath himself. He had to be lifted up and put in. It's not that he couldn't scale the height, he can, he just seemed to have a mental block about jumping into the bath. He'd put his front paws on it and peer over the edge and then jump back off again.

And then, a few days ago, we were playing Indoor Fetch and the ball bounced off the toilet and into the bath.

Kota put his paws on the side of the bath, peered over and jumped down. He ran to me, he ran back to the bath, he peered over the side, he tried to grab his ball without getting in, he ran back to me again.

After 5 minutes of me helpfully laughing hysterically Kota took the plunge. He scrambled over the edge of the bath, grabbed his ball and jumped back out again. When the ball went back in the bath 10 minutes later (Moi? Do it on purpose?) it took him 2 tries to get in and out again. The third time he jumped straight over.

Today after our first walk the dogs both came home chest-deep in mud (snow, all is forgiven! Come back!). I shut them in the bathroom whilst I removed my jacket. When I went in I took hold of Kota's leash, led him to the bath and said "Hup!". After one false start he jumped in to a TON of praise, lovings and treats.

After our second walk the dogs came home even muddier than they were this morning. I, again, shut them in the bathroom whilst I took my jacket off.

I went back in to find Kota already standing in the bath.

I don't think he's ever gotten a bigger jackpot.

Monday, 11 January 2010

If you weren't aware

The UK has been covered in quite a bit of snow recently. See?

Kota gets very excited by the snow.

This is my excited face.

Well, to be completely honest, he gets excited about snowballs, rather than the snow itself.

Will you please stop taking pictures and just THROW THE DAMN SNOWBALL!


Sparky doesn't get the whole catching snowballs thing.

It makes my teeth hurt. I can't help having sensitive teeth.

Although, somehow, he doesn't have the same reservations about snow-covered-sticks. He is enjoying the snow though. It's the perfect backdrop to his favourite activity: chasing a bit of tail.

Kota's tail to be exact.

Don't you go worrying about poor Kota though, he's a Ninja in disguise.

Ha, missed!

And, if that fails, he can stick up for himself.


Are you sure there's nothing on my face? I'm sure I can feel a little something just *there*...