Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Beach Bun!

Or should that be Beach Bum?

Today, I decided, was the perfect day to do something I've been planning on doing all summer. Taking Bruiser to the beach! Dogs aren't allowed on (half of) the local beach until the end of September so I wouldn't have to worry about them. Today's a Tuesday so everyone would be at work and the kids should be at school so the beach would be fairly empty. And the weather was nice! So off Boo and I went to the beach.

First we stopped off in the local park so Bruiser could pick himself some blackberries (don't worry, I spoke to the man cutting the grass the other day. They don't use any pesticides or herbicides).

At first he wasn't too sure and spent a lot of time on my lap.

Muuuuuum! Where are we?

But he soon started venturing further away.

OK, this isn't so bad...


This is actually quite fun!

He soon discovered the downsides of the beach though.

Sand! In places where there shouldn't be sand! Get it out!

To take his mind off the Sand In Places Where There Shouldn't Be Sand I too him down to the water. Or tried to anyway. Bruiser was sooooo not impressed at the first mention of water.

You want to take me where? Over what?

This is more than enough of this silliness, I demand you take me home. Now.


  1. so adorable. i don't know what i'd do if i saw a bunny on a leash at the beach... what a super cute idea!

  2. Love the photo of him running with a back leg kicked out, and the black eyeliner:) He is living the good life:)

  3. Great photos and an adorable little guy.

  4. Passing through from the blog hop. Pleased to meet you! I don't ever think I've seen a bunny on a leash before.

  5. Hello we are your newest followers! What wonderful Picturers. Bruiser is supercute. He looks like he had alot of fun on the beach. I don't think I have ever seen a bunny on the beach before.

  6. I love these pictures! His facial expressions are so funny! I have 2 bunnies - one is a mini lop-rex cross and the other is a REW.

  7. Catalina - I have a REW too! She's the one with her head in a yoghurt pot a few posts up! Her name is Smirnoff.