Sunday, 28 March 2010


[Just as a quick aside first: Blogger cuts my horizontal pictures shorter than I do! Click on the pictures to see the full things on Flickr. Ta!]

What's that thing you've got attached to your face?

This, Nis, is a camera.

What's it do?

Makes your ears look HUGE, that's what!

Everyone, meet Nis (pronounced like niche). Nis is Kota's little sister.

Oi, Nis, what are you looking at? Food Lady wants you to pose.

OK, you can stop pointing that camera at me now... Consider this your first and final warning.

So yesterday Kota and I ended up, completely accidently, at a trick training demonstration by Jess, The Dundee Dog Trainer. Jess is also the woman I bought Kota from and she still owns his sister, Nis, and his dad, Screwy Louie! Who is very aptly named.

Who wants a HUG?! A great big Border Collie HUG!

Can you tell where my little boy gets his handsomeness from yet?

And his eyes. And his height. Kota was a good few inches taller than Nis but only about 1 inch smaller than Louie, and I doubt he's finished growing yet.

He's trying his best to inherit Louie's ears too, but it's not really working. He only managed to get one up!

However, as gorgeous and clever and well-behaved as my puppy is (and he was well-behaved!) I'd still swap him in a heartbeat for a little bit of this:

This is Cailleach (pronounced Kayleigh), a 5 month old Northern Inuit/Husky cross.


Hey! Look what I can do! Go back to talking about me!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Kota's favourite new game

Involves jumping into icy water and waiting impatiently for me to throw a stick for him.


I don't know why he gets so excited about this, it's not as if the water's warm. Or as if he brings the sticks back, or even as if he's swimming. He's just standing chest deep in icy-cold water. But somehow, for some reason, this makes him excited. And impatient.

Oi, woman. Stop talking and throw me a stick!

However, once again, my dogs make for some funny photos!

Shark attack!

That not a good enough impression for you? How about a dolphin impression?

Still not doing it for you? Well that's OK 'cause Kota does a very convincing submarine impression too!

Going down in 3, 2, 1...

And if those pictures aren't enough for you, then there's the always-funny shaking off pictures afterwards.

You put your left leg in...

And shake the water out!

Something about the cold water makes Kota's ears go funny. And not in the "I can hear water in my head" kind of way.

Get me a mirror and a hairbrush, stat!

That's better, all sexy again. And... pose!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I haven't taken any pictures especially so you'll have to make do with a grumpy bunny in a green jumper!