Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Ultimate Bunny Butt

Bruiser shows off "The Ultimate Bunny Butt"

Align Centre

The highest fashion for those with the highest amount of bunitude "The Ultimate Bunny Butt" is the latest design and is the talk of the catrabbit-walk!


With it's central design perfectly placed to the full advantage show those irritating humans what you REALLY mean when you show them the butt (Hint: it doesn't mean "scritch here").


Soft, flexible, washable AND stylish! What more could a bun of the world ask for?


Next time you feel annoyed, peeved or just plain pissed off don't hide your feelings. Wear them on your sleeve! Or sweater.





LOL. This was designed and created after a rescue lady told me that collars, sweaters and even harnesses were "verging on cruelty". I disagree and Bruiser does too. He thinks he looks rather dapper in his sweater!

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