Monday, 19 July 2010

One warm and sunny day

Sparky, Kota and I decided to go for a walk. A long, long walk. It was so hot and sunny and warm that Sparky keeled over and died.

Just kidding. He's fine.

In preparation for our Coastal Walk (which you can still
sponsor us for BTW) I took the dogs along the coastal path to Crail. I had fun, they had fun. Pretty much all I saw of the dogs all day was this:

The dogs are still amused by the absurdity of signs.

Sparky's not amused by litterbugs.

Rubbish belongs in the BIN, people!

This little dog was near where we stopped for lunch. He had a little pink squeaky bone that Kota *wanted*. And so Kota took it. And so I'd put Kota in a down-stay and throw it back. And then Kota would run off and steal it again. Luckily the little dog's owners thought it was quite funny (as did I). Little Dog didn't and ended up patrolling around his table barking his head off at Sparky and Kota.

Get off my lawn!

I love this shot. I like the light, I like the way Sparky looks, I like the way the grass frames the shot. Don't like the grass itself, it makes me sneeze. *adds hayfever meds to list of things to take walking*

Now, at first glance, this picture doesn't look like very much.

But it is, in fact, proof of a recall away from one of these:

Why did you call me away? She looked quite tasty.

Uh huh. That would be *exactly* why I called you away Kota.

12 miles, one hell of a sunburn and a bus ride later we were back home and Kota looked like this:

I'm pretty sure he actually died for a little while. Seriously. I sat next to him and flicked his ear for about 5 minutes nad got no reaction.

Shh, sleepy puppy.

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