Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lesson Of The Day: KONG frisbees don't float.

I was out in the park earlier with Sparky, Kota and their new KONG frisbee. I bought it last week to replace the hard plastic one that Sparky didn't like catching and I was no good at throwing.

We like the KONG frisbee. It's soft enough for Spaky to catch and carry and light enough for me to throw and flexible enough that I can fold it up and put it into m bag when we're not playing.

Anyhow, we were playing frisbee. And Sparky got a little hot and so, as he ofte does, he ran off into the river to have a drink.

And, as he often does, he came back out again toy-less.

And so I sent him back down the muddy slope into the river with a "go fetch your frisbee!" Sparky ran off all excited and came back up 2 minutes later. Still toy-less. And so I sent him back down again. "Go get your frisbee Sparks! Bring it here!"

Sparky went charging into the river all excitedly and came back out again. Frisbee-less.

And so I clambered through the fence that seperates the park from the river. And slipped down the muddy, weedy slope to the edge of the river. And, hanging pecariously over the edge, proceeded to look for the frisbee. After a few minutes I spotted it.

At the bottom of the deepest part of the river.

Sparky obviously knew it was there, he kept walking over to it and then back to me and looking at me pleadingly. He coud see his frisbee and he wanted it. He just wasn't going to put his head under the water to get it!

And so what could I do? That's right, I took off my bag and my coat and my shoes and my socks and placed them on the wet, muddy, slippery bank. I rolled up my trousers (I really need to shave my legs...) and stepped through the soo into the freezing cold water. I rolled up my sleeve and plunged my arm elbow deep into said freezing cold water.

All to retrieve my dogs' frisbee.

A message to KONG: Next time, make frisbees that float!


  1. Send a letter to them and complain. They might send you a free toy or two!

  2. Buy an Easy Glider AKA The Wootie Toy - it's the easiest thing in the world to throw, it's basically indestructible, and it floats!