Monday, 11 January 2010

If you weren't aware

The UK has been covered in quite a bit of snow recently. See?

Kota gets very excited by the snow.

This is my excited face.

Well, to be completely honest, he gets excited about snowballs, rather than the snow itself.

Will you please stop taking pictures and just THROW THE DAMN SNOWBALL!


Sparky doesn't get the whole catching snowballs thing.

It makes my teeth hurt. I can't help having sensitive teeth.

Although, somehow, he doesn't have the same reservations about snow-covered-sticks. He is enjoying the snow though. It's the perfect backdrop to his favourite activity: chasing a bit of tail.

Kota's tail to be exact.

Don't you go worrying about poor Kota though, he's a Ninja in disguise.

Ha, missed!

And, if that fails, he can stick up for himself.


Are you sure there's nothing on my face? I'm sure I can feel a little something just *there*...

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