Sunday, 6 December 2009

Home, Home on the Island

Sparky, Kota and I recently went to visit my parents on their island. Sparky's been up there before, Kota never has. Both dogs had a brilliant time and made a few discoveries.

Kota discovered my Mum's Rayburn.

Sparky discovered a new dog toy.

Yes, that's the broken top of a buoy. No, I don't know why he wanted it either but he insisted on bringing it all the way back to mine.

They also discovered roadkill. I thought I'd spare you and not take pictures of the half-rotten rabbit corpses they decided to try and eat.

Sparky tried to help my Mum collect firewood. Surprisingly enough, it didn't work very well.

I found one!

Almost there...

Do I get a treat for trying?

Uh, nope.

We met my ex's young JRT. Last time I spoke to him he was saving up for a Bernese Mountain dog pup so to see him with JRT was a surprise. Turns out his neice bought Molly whilst pregnant and then didn't want to keep her with the child. People suck.

Molly's fast.

Far too fast for my camera.

And she's cute. But she's not as cute as Kota's belly-scratch face.

You mean this face?

How about this one?

Oi! Why did you stop? Did I say you could stop?

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